Mini-Series - Terra Rasa

Hands down to one of the coolest projects we had the pleasure to work on.
We were invited by Greenpeace Brasil to create a four episodes mini-series about the Terra Rasa ("Shallow Earth"), a dystopian version of our own earth where its population lives in denial of the environmental problems around them, making fun of these lies.


Client: Greenpeace Brasil
Greenpeace Team: David Azevedo, Roberta Ito
Production: Sirena Studio
Creative Direction: Filipe Consoni
Script: David Azevedo, Filipe Consoni e Roberta Ito
Design: Jefferson Biglia
Cel Animation: Daniel Caetano, Lucas Franci, Natalia Faria, Wander Deley
Additional Animation and Composite: Filipe Consoni
Voiceover: Fábio Sabão, Saulo Baumgartner
Sound Design: Saulo Baumgartner

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