Som Livre
Kevin o Chris e MC Kekel - Vai Rabetão 

We had the pleasure to create our very first full animation music video clip! And what better way to do it than for a new song featuring two of the biggest funkeiros from Brazil: Kevin o Chris and MC Kekel. 
Showing the simple but happy favela lifestyle, a mysterious figure drops coins to the community residents with an invite to the big party happening that night, the famous Baile Funk.
For this project we teamed up with the creative collective Manda Busca, a group of amazing artists born in the favela itself, bringing beliefness to our story.


Client: Som Livre
Production: Sirena Studio, Manda Busca
Creative Direction: Filipe Consoni
Animation Direction: Ivanildo Soares
Animation: Ivanildo Soares, Junior Soares, Stephanie de Oliveira, Victor Bolo, Stefany Hibrain
Additional Animation and Composite: Filipe Consoni
Character Design: Wander Deley
Background Design: Jefferson Biglia
Storyboard: Filipe Consoni, Jefferson Biglia

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